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This is American pronunciation. It is not proper pronunciation, but it is accepted throughout the USA and possibly different parts of the world. So, if you are ready - let's practice.

There is alot more to American Pronunciation then what is below and I am working more to help all of you. As I am getting old, it take more time for me to get my mind thing correctly, but I'll get there soon. So please don't be in a rush.

I have just finished and uploaded a PowerPoint Presentation on Real American Pronunciation. You get it at the link below.

Real American Pronunciation

I want you to read the following sentences.

And yes they are complete sentences.


Kwee geddit?




Jeet? No, joo?


Jläik smore?


I shüda tol joo.


Hole däna sek'nt!


Hæoja ly kuh liddul more?


They doe neev'n lye kit.

Do you think you know the meaning of these?

Well, here you are!

Can we get it?


Let’s go!


Did you eat? No! Did you?


Would you like some more?


I should have told you.


Hold on a second!


How would you like a little more?


They don’t even like it.


You see? American pronunciation can be very difficult to the non-native listener to understand.

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