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Foods From Around the World

This is a new page that I think might be fun for some people. It will have different food recipes from all over the world. I am getting some help with these from a special person who is studying food. Her name is Isabella. And she likes this idea as the recipes will all be in English.

I now believe this will be very large, so I will have to be putting many on another website with the link below.


I have just added a new page (again) - "Vegetarian". Lots of good food. This page is dedicated to a good friend that I have known for many years.


I keep adding to this very often.

I have just added alot of new recipes. Some from SEAsia, Mexico, and some of my favorites. Go look and enjoy the food. Oh Yea I added some more deserts.

World Foods

If you have a favorite recipe and would like to share it with others, just send it to me along with a picture. I will be happy to post it on here for the world to share and enjoy. Email me at