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About me and what I have been doing

I keep adding and adding pics all the time now. I just started to add videos too. Share Photos Online

As I have been teaching for almost 20 tears now, I have had many activities with my students. I have added many new pics of them and even some of me.
Just click on the link below.


My Daughters Graduation

Below are the albums for my new grand daughter. I have taken hundreds of pictures of her.  And more to come

My 2nd Grand Daughter 1

My 2nd Grand Daughter 2

My 2nd Grand Daughter 3

My 2nd Grand Daughter 4

My 2nd Grand Daughter 5

My 2nd Grand Daughter 6

My new granddaughter June 2015


Below are the links to the videos of my number 2 grand daughter. Just click on any one and enjoy and maybe get a laugh or two.

My granddaughter videos 2014

My granddaughter videos January 2015

My granddaughter videos February 2015

My granddaughter videos March 2015

My granddaughter videos April 2015

My granddaughter videos May 2015


Nakae Hospital G1 Day 1

Nakae Hospital G1 Day 2

Nakae Hospital G1 Day 3

Nakae Hospital G1 Day 4

Nakae Hospital G2 Day 1

Nakae Hospital G2 Day 2

Nakae Hospital G2 Day3

Nakae Hospital G2 Day 4

Nakae Hospital G3 Day 1

Nakae Hospital G3 Day 2

Nakae Hospital G3 Day 3

Nakae Hospital G3 Day 4

Nakae Hospital G4 Day 1

Nakae Hospital G4 Day 2

Nakae Hospital G4 Day 3

Nakae Hospital G4 Day 4


My albums 1

These are the folders that are in this album.
My Albums
New Years

My albums 2

these arr the folders that are in this album.
2011 Eyeladda's Christmass
Ban Dek Yin Dee camp
Build canal my home
Just me 2
My albums
Nurse Students 19 A & B
The flood of NKP
Toy's Engagemnet
Wai Cru day at NPU
Wat in the woods

Here are some of the latest pictures of me and some activities I have just finished with.

My Albums 3

These are the folders that are in this album.
English for ASEAN
Kalasin MBA
My albums
My home new
NPULI & Tassaban 3
Rotory at NKP Hospital
Toy's wedding

My Albums 4

English for Marine Police
Temple in the Woods 2
Family 3
Added more
                             New animals
Mother's Day
Eyeladda's Father's Day Parade
Eyeladda's Christmas 20012
SNRU English Competition
Nakhon Phanom Army Hospital English Training
Harvest Time 2012

My Albums 5

Eyeladda's Mothers Day dance at school
St. Joe's Saturday Class
Eyeladda's Sport's Day Parade - 2013
Thai New Years with my kids - 2013
My Nephue becomes a Bhuddist Monk
Public Health Class at NKP 1 & 2
My Home New
Eyeladda in NKP
Eyeladda's Graduation Day
My Youngest's Graduation
Sakhon Nakon Rajabaht University

My Albums 6

My new granddaughter
My new granddaughter 2
My new granddaughter 3
My new granddaughter 4

My Students 2010 - 2011

These are the folders that are in this album.
Comp students g 2
Early education students
Englis Education students
Hotel & Tourism
 Nurses 19 A
Nurses 19 B
Nursing students 18 A
nursing students 18 B
Science Education students
Sports management & Science Students
Sri Song Kharm
Tech Coll Morning
Tech Coll EAP Afternoon
Tech college Students

My Students 2011 - 2012

These are the folders that are in this album.
1st GMS English Speech Contest
2nd term EAP students
6 Levels of English
Bangkok Bank Class
EAP Students from tech Coll
English Education students
English for Hotel
English for Tourism
My albums
Nursing College
Saturday Class EAP
Science Education Groups 1 & 2

My students 2012 + More

These are the folders in this album.
Hotel & Tourism Summer course
My albums
Tourism Saturday & Sunday Many Provinces
GED Naratchakwai