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I was asked about American idioms and slang. So I decided to put it here. I am starting with American idioms & slang, but as I find more from other countries - I will add them here also.

(In work)

Proverbs About Color

Color Idioms

Animal Idioms

Animal Idioms

Cat Idioms

Cow Idioms

Dog Idioms

Goat Idioms

Horse Idioms

Monkey Idioms

Mouse Idioms

Pig Idioms

Rat Idioms

Wolf Idioms

Money Idioms

It is very interesting to read these and then compare them to other countries. They all seem to have the same idioms, just a different language.

American Idioms 1 - 40

American Idioms 41 - 80

American Idioms 81 - 120

American Idioms 121 - 160

American Idioms 161 - 200

American Idioms 201 - 240

American Idioms 241 - 280

American Idioms 281 - 400

Thai Proverbs

Thai Idioms & Metaphors

British Idioms

135 Veitnamese Idioms

Veitnamese Idioms


American Slang 1

British Slang 1

Thai Slang 1

Australian Slang

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