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Please go to the link below and you will be able to veiw and download what you want. I will be adding more as time goes by.

Use this link below.

My Flashcards & Bingo Cards

My Flashcards

Everyday objects

People & Jobs

People in school


Food – Meats

Food & Drinks

Classroom objects

Buildings in a city


Kitchen Objects

Dessert Flash Cards

Vegetable Flash Cards

Halloween Flash Cards


My Bingo Cards

Desserts Bingo Cards

Animal Bingo Cards

Body Parts Bingo Cards

Santa Bingo Cards


These are not my flashcards, but some of what I have gotten free and  downloaded  for all to use. I do not know how good the are but I assume they are ok.

Family – Medium flashcards

Halloween flashcards

Small Animals 1 Words flashcards

Small Animals  2 Words flashcards

Small Animals 3 Words flashcards

Small Animals 4 Words flashcards

Small Body Parts 1 Words flashcards

Small Body Parts 2 Words flashcards

Small Body Parts 3 Words flashcards

Small Body Parts 4 Words flashcards

Small Days Words flashcards

Small Family Words flashcards

Small Numbers Words flashcards

Small Weather Words flashcards

If there is a catagory you want and you don't see it here, just use the form below and I will add it and send you a copy also.
Thank you!