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I have been told that some people are having a hard time to down load some of this material. If you are one of these then please let me know what problem you are having. Please use the form below and I will answer you shortly.

I am going to be redoing this page in the very near future as I have added so many books for downloading.
So please hang in there for me.

Here is a new list of books that I have gotten from a different site. These are good for for those of you that are working in these fields or are a lecturer in a university or college that offers these programs.

The following books I have downloaded and can be good to use in colleges and universities as extra or special courses to be offered to your community. Most of these have teacher’s and student’s books and the audio for them. Some have workbooks and review exercises and tests. To see which ones have these parts you will have to download them. But be sure when you download you extract them in the folder you are going to keep them in.

English for Cooking, Catering, & Reception

English for Transport & Logistics

English for Legal Professions
English for Customer Care

English for Automotive

English for Travel

English for Electronics 2

English for Electrical & Mechanical Engineering

English for Engineering

Collins Work Place English 1 & 2

English for Taxi Drivers

English for Secretaries

English for Medical Students

English for Mechanics

English for Law

English for Hotel & Catering

English for Police

English for Nursing

English for Agriculture

English for Electronics

English for Electricians

English for Construction

English for Banking

English for Art & Design

English for Accounting

English for Architecture

New Head way Advanced 4Th Edition


These are the listening portions for Business plus books. I found them so I down loaded them and have them here for anyone that wants them.

Books I have written, put together, and some I have found. 

8 levels of English from Berlitz.
These are just great and they are realy great for just listening and speaking.

8 Levels of English

I am and have been putting together more training material for different carreers. Please enjoy and use them, and let me know what you think of it.

Absolute Beginner English

English for Academic Purposes

Marketing & Banking

Joel's Training Material
I would like to get feed back from anyoe and everyone that use this material, that way I can make it better for all to use.

English Training for Police officers

English training for Hotel Staff

English Training for Nursing & Hospital Staff

English for Retail & Department Store Staff

English Training for Executives for AEC

English Training for Banking Staff

English Training for Immigration Police

I have acquired all of the Headway books and New English Files books with all their materials. These are both American & England sets. As I get them uploaded you will find them at the link below. Again these are all free for you to use and for your students to dowload. This an save you and them alot of money.

This is a new section of this page. Here I will put many training books I have acquired through the years. You may download as you wish and use them free.

Medical books

English for Careers Medicine 2 – Teachers Book   

English for Careers Medicine 2 – CD

English for Careers Medicine 2 – Students book

Resumes for Nursing Career 2

English for Pharmacy Writing & Oral Communication

English for Careers Medicine 1

Oxford English for Nurses 1

English Training for Nurses & Hospital Staff

Pharmaceutical Student’s Book

Pharmaceutical CD

Oxford English for Careers Nursing


Oxford Living Grammar Elementary Students Book

Oxford English for Career Nursing 1

Learn to listen 1 Student’s Book

Learn to listen 1 CD1

Learn to listen 1 CD2

Learn to listen 1 CD3

Learn to listen 2 Book

Learn to listen 2 CD1

Learn to listen 2 CD2

Learn to listen 2 CD3

Learn to listen Student’s Book 3's_book_3.rar

Learn to listen 3 CD3

Learn to listen 3 CD2

Learn to listen 3 CD1

Grammar Flash Cards 1

Grammar Flash Cards 2

Grammar Flash Cards 3

Grammar Flash Cards 4

Fluent English

Gas & Oil 2 CD Part 1


Gas & Oil 2 CD Part 2


Gas & Oil CD 2 Student’s Book


Gas & Oil CD 2 Teacher’s Resource Book


Gas & Oil Teacher’s Resource Book


Gas & Oil CD


Gas & Oil Teacher’s Book


Express Series English for Accounting


A conversation book – English in Everyday Life 3rd edition


English for Pharmacy Writing & Oral Communication


English for Careers Medicine 2 – Teachers Book


English for Careers Medicine 2 - CD


English for Careers Medicine 2 – Students book


English for Careers Medicine 1



Presenting for Success Part 1


Presenting for Success Part 3


Timesaver Storyboard with Audio


Tech Talk Elementary

Recommended Hotel English 1


Recommended Hotel English 2


Everyday English for Hospitality Professionals


Scott Foresman’s Grammar and Writing Handbook Grade 1


Banking & Finance CD ROM


Banking & Finance Student’s Book


Banking & Finance Teacher’s Book


Banking & Finance Test Kit


Finance Student’s Book


Finance CD


Math Mammoth Percentage


Robert Dixson Essential Idioms in English with Exercises for Practice and Tests

Everyday Technical English

Tourism and Catering 2

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Problem Downloading

The link below is to some books I think might be good for children. I have found these on different sites. But you can still download and use them.

Special Books