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On this page we will provide links to various resources that will educate, inform, or simply entertain.

Fun Links:

School Songs & scripts

Fun English Word Games

Take a free IQ test

Lycos MP3 Search

Artist or Song Name:

Thailand Weather Update

International Calling Codes

Educational Topics:

This is a very good site for students to build a bigger vocabulary. And teachers can monitor their students progress.

Vocabulary Building Grades 8 - 12

This seems to be a very good site to
translate Thai language to English.

Translate Thai to English

Meelink Dictionary

MacMillan online Thesaurus

MacMillan Online Dictionary

Cambridge Dictionary

Merriam-Webster OnLine Search

World English Club

English News Lessons


English Idioms

American Slang Greetings

England Slang

Australian Slang

Today in a special class that I was teaching, one of the students, who just happens to be a teacher, asked me for a link to a real good listening web site for her students. So here it is. You can also done load all the scrips for each activity. Have fun and enjoy.

Listening Exercises

Some very good speaking exercises

National Geographic

Let us know about any interesting sites you enjoy!